You can make this map better

If you want to write a review on one of the places mentioned at the site, feel free to write a comment at the place’s page (example).

If there’s a place you want us to add (or any other general feedback about the site), either comment on this page, or email us at tratmap@gmail.com.

Adding a new place takes time (since somebedy actually goes there), so please be patient.

Thanks in advance for your contributions.

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  1. Farang Ba says:

    Great idea. Here’s my first “contribution”. I think you should also mark the actual piers to ko chang and the other islands. Not only “taxi to ko chang”, because some people rent a car or a motorcycle.


    Trat Map Reply:

    Added the 3 piers and some initial text (will make it nicer later on)


  2. Trat Map says:

    Important to know: the marker for a place is at the entrance to it, since it should answer the question “how to get there” and not “where’s the center”. More about this here: http://tratmap.com/archives/water-reservoir/#comment-237


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