what is Korean BBQ?

Korean BBQ (in Thai: Mu yang) is a Thai adaptation of a Korean style meal that consists of seafood, meat, veggies and noodles, cooked in hot soup or barbecued right on your table.

The most important part of this meal is a clay bucket, filled with burning charcoal.In dedicated restaurants, they’ll have tables with a hole in the middle, to put the bucket in. On the top of the bucket there’s a special aluminum dish that has a round dome with holes in it, to roast the meat and seafood on. Around the perimeter of the dish there’s a “canal” filled with hot broth, where you can cook the veggies and the noodles. The Thai twist is the sauce served with the food, sprinkled with sesame seeds. Usually you’ll get 2 kinds: a spicy one and a not-so-spicy one.

After you’re seated, you’ll have the bucket brought to your table and will be asked what you’d like to roast on it. You can have chicken, shrimps, pork, pork liver (real good!), squid, and sometimes beef or fish. The meats are pre-marinated in a delicate sauce. You’ll also get a platter with fresh veggies – mostly Chinese cabbage and a green plant called Pak boong (or Morning glory in English) – and fresh rice noodles. Sometimes you’ll get a raw egg too. You’ll have the broth put into the “canal”, and will be sereved with an extra kettle filled with broth, so you can add more to the “canal” as you go along.

Look inside the plate with the meat and you’ll find a small lump of lard. This is to be put on the top of the dome, so that the meat doesn’t stick to it. After you’ve spread some lard over the dome, you can start putting the meat on – turning it over after a few minutes. When the soup is boiling you can add vegies and noodles to it. Don’t add too much in one go, though – you want to keep the soup boiling.

Each diner gets a plate (for the meat, vegies and noodles) and a small bowl (for the soup). When stuff is ready, you put it in your plate, put some sauce on it and eat. This is a very slow procces, so don’t order Korean BBQ if you’re in a hurry.

There’s nothing like an ice-cold beer to go with this meal.

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