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This site is a map-based guide to a town in Thailand called Trat. In the life category you’ll find information that isn’t place-related: stories, events, tips, etc.

Why Trat? Ask anyone from Trat and they’ll tell you it’s the best place in Thailand (and therefore – the world). This local-patriotism is not unique to Trat, but in this town’s case – it’s quite justified (after all, we’re from Trat too :)).

The area has a lot of water and yields delicious fruit and vegetables. The nearby sea provides excelent fish and sea food, and enables trade with Cambodia. In fact – people have so much to sell, Trat has more markets for its size than almost any other town in Thailand.

In order to preserve all this local home-industry and commerce, Trat province has managed to keep large-store chains from opening branches and malls. This makes Trat more traditional than the large cities, but modern enough to have computer repair shops and decent internet bandwidth.

For tourists, Trat is mainly known as an access point to the islands Ko Chang, Ko Kood, Ko Mak and Ko Wai. Many expats on a visa run go via Trat to the Hat Lek border crossing with Cambodia. This means that the town has been exposed to farang enough so that many restaurants have an English menu.

On the other hand – Trat is not a tourist-oriented place where there are different prices for foreigners, and locals have strange yet firm beliefs about what farang like (e.g. macaroni or “American fried rice“).

Whether you’re planning a vacation in Ko Chang or a visa run to Hat-Lek, you can incorporate a few days in Trat and experience a very comfortable version of “the real Thailand”: not a trek in a Jungle or a visit to a mountain tribe. Just tasty food, beautiful places, and good people. We know. We live here.

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  1. Lisa says:


    This website is great – I am thinking of moving to Trat, and was just wondering what there is in the city in the way of sports clubs? Particularly Thai boxing or yoga?

    Are there local gyms which aren’t part of resorts?

    Many thanks!


    Trat Map Reply:

    Hi Lisa. There are a few options for working out but our info about them is not updated, so you’ll have to find out for yourself. Please let us know if you’ve found anything good.


  2. SERGY says:

    hi lisa
    thai boxing course is almost every day at tattoo guest house.
    some peoples do morning and evening thaichi around trat.


  3. MIKE says:

    Looking for updated information 2014 to Present.

    Hi Lisa, I live in Chiangmai and was looking for a new place to live. I am retired and looking to get out of the smoke and traffic of Chiangmai. Do you live in Trat?

    1. Does Trat have a Big Shopping Mall with English Speaking Movies?
    2. Is Trat Effected by Smoke or Burning like Chiangmai?
    3. Is their a web site for rentals or a local Point of Contact?
    4. Does Trat have Taxi or Songtaws to get around?
    5. What about a Big Grocery Stores?
    6. Does Trat have a Train Station?
    7. Anyone with Experience going to the Bangkok Hospital or other Hospital in Trat? Do the doctors and front desk workers speak english?
    8. How much is a taxi, Songtaw, or bus from Trat City to the Peer where you take the boat to Koh Chang Island?


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