Water reservoir

 Geotag Icon Show on map A great place for a morning or afternoon trip on foot or bicycle (during night time some nasty dogs hang around, and only motor vehicles are safe from them). During the rainy season, they drain the reservoir in order to prevent flood, but it’s still a lovely place.

Some of the roads leading from the reservoir have irrigation channels, and you can sometimes see kids swimming there. If you decide to join them, you’d better wear goggles (otherwise you might have red eyes). Also remember that it’s much easier to swim away from the lake than towards it. If you get tired, swallow your pride, climb out, and walk the rest of the way while kids try to pretend not to laugh at you :)

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  1. Farang Ba says:

    That’s a strange place for the placemark


    Trat Map Reply:

    The convention is to put the place mark at the entrance to the place, because you want to know “how to get there” and not “where’s the center of it”. In case of the reservoir, the “entrance” is the closest point to the closest road from town’s center. Hope it makes sense.


  2. billzant says:

    I visit the lake often, it is beautiful there.

    I used to go walking there. There are some paths by the side of the lake where you can go walking with the mosquitoes, and I took some photos


    The farmer has made changes now but it is still a beautiful place with more than the road.


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