Wat Phai Lom

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The Wat has a very lovely garden, where the locals like to take walks in the afternoon, when the weather gets cooler. One of the nice things you can do there is buy a package of fish-junk food and go to the pond to feed the large catfish, carp and water turtles who live there. In a few minutes, a nice feeding-frenzy will occur.

Wat Phai lom is the center for many Buddhist ceremonies, especially Loi Krathong, a yearly Thai celebration, where people make floating wreaths out of banana trunks, and decorate them with flowers, candles and essence.

The wreaths that the residents are making in the morning will be sold later in the evening to people who come to the Wat, and will be floated down a river, into the sea or in the Wat’s canals. Although this is a monastery and the monks are not suppose to eat after 12:00 o’clock, some food is sold there during the celebration hours, so that none of the guests will go hungry.

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