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OTOP logo

The One Tambon One Product (OTOP) initiative lets each of the 36,000 Tambons (subdistricts) in Thailand select one product that will represent them, and be sold in the various OTOP outlets around the country.

Another way to promote these products is by organizing fairs that go around Thailand introducing to people what other villages are best known for. All in all, these fairs are a lot of fun – and there are lots of very good things at cheap prices. Usually, if you buy something to eat, the sellers also make you taste something else for free – just because they’re so proud of it.

About a week ago, there was an OTOP fair in Trat, with good fun, good music, and amazingly good food.

Thanks to Dorami Chan, we have video footage of this feast. Enjoy, and next time you hear about an OTOP fair or pass by an OTOP store, it’s worth taking a look at what each of Thailand’s 36,000 sub-districts does best.

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  1. billzant says:

    What is Trat’s OTOP product?

    There is a big OTOP shop at Nam Chiao, 10 km on the road to Laem Ngob from Trat. I think their product is their hats?


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