Trat airport (TDX)

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Note: the airport is quite far away from Trat, and the only transportation out of the airport is to Ko Chang with a mini-bus that goes via the ferry at Ao Thammachat pier

Having said that, it’s a very well designed open-air complex with a theme-park style train and well-maintained cunstructions that look like straw huts. A bit like Cancun with a more modest budget.

A geeky geo-anectode: If you search for “Trat airport” and/or “TDX” in google maps, you’ll find dozens of places all around the region. Some even on Ko Chang :). As far as we know, this item is the only place that gets even close. This one took real research.

All photos on this page are (cc) Thallin55

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  1. Teach n Trat says:

    It isnt easy to find. A nice place to sit and watch the planes come in if you have small children (that like that kind of thing.)

    I have a taxi service available for anyone in need. We will meet you at the airport and take you anywhere you want inside the Province or onto Koh Chang to your hotels doorstep.
    there is nothing worse than being held for ransom by SongTaew drivers who know you have no option but to pay a huge fee.
    Our prices are competitive.
    (prior notice required). email easemailbox@yahoo.com.au


    Trat Map Reply:

    Good to know about this service.
    Another option is TT Travel http://tratmap.com/archives/kochang-tt-travel/


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