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Going from Trat to Cambodia

A mini-van from Trat bus station to Hat lek (Thai Border) is the fastest and most comfortable option. Price is 120 Baht. They leave every hour, and the trip takes about 1.5 hours.

How to get to Trat

From Bangkok By bus: Busses go from Ekkamai Eastern Station or MoChit Northern Station. There are buses from Bangkok  international airport (Suvaranabhumi) as well, but they are not as frequent.

Central bus station

Unlike the old bus station of Trat, the new station (built 2007) is not located in the center of town, and you’ll need a taxi to take you to the markets/guest houses area.

Kohchang TT Travel

Taxi to Ko Chang

Goes to Center Point pier. Stops at the ticket office for those who haven’t bought a ticket yet.

Taxi to Cambodia

Cheaper transportation (Songthaw taxi) to the Had Lek checkpoint than the aircon vans at the bus station, but the car also stops at Klong Yai for a break, and you never know how long it’s gonna take.