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  1. Teach n Trat says:

    Just had some friends stay there for a few nights. They liked it. Personally when i compare what they got for 450thb a night (cough!) I think they got ripped off compared with other much nicer guest house rooms at half the price.
    Most guest houses in Trat from what i can see offer basic clean rooms with a fan and TV for 200-250.


  2. Stekker says:

    At Pop Guesthouse you get a really nice clean room with air-con, fridge, tv and hot shower for 450. So the comparison with a basic room is not fair. I prefer a bit of luxury and pay a little more. It’s not fair that you call it a ripoff…


  3. Frans says:

    Indeed, You are completely right in your comment Stekker, But I presume the comparison against a air-con room and a basic room comes from 1 of the basic guest-houses around the … 😉 But when ever I have stay in Pop-Guesthouse I got a fine time and the owners are very helpful. By the way, The Have double rooms fore around 150฿ as-well 😉


  4. Thomas says:

    Hey guys!
    I’m a backpacker and i have been few times in Trat and i founded always the same taxi driver(Pop G.H. husband owner) at the bus station offering free transportation and 80 baht room, with air 150!
    and then?Free taxi always but no one time available rooms at the promise rates!
    I think that is not fair too guys!
    Happened already 2 times and others times to our friends/travellers…
    sure, only unlucky coincidences!
    Demanding an explanation to the owner (the woman) the rude answers was : if you have no money why are you traveling?
    This is fair?


  5. billzant says:

    I understand that staying at Pop Guest House is good. I have heard complaints that Pop Guest House practices for “attracting customers” are not good. I know of a guest house that used to try to meet people from the bus and were squeezed out by Pop Guest House. I have also been told that Pop Guest House have some control over the taxis who pick up tourists and are expected to take them to Pop. This would be good for Tratmap to investigate. I recommend people to go elsewhere for these reasons. There are a number of nice guest houses in Trat who are not involved in these sorts of practices.


  6. SERGY says:

    very generous women…with taxi driver!


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