Dhamma retreat in heavenly settings

A view from the central bot tower

A view from the central building

On the road from Trat to Had lek (the Cambodian border crossing) lies the beautiful Wat Suwan pak dee (formal name), or “The Dhamma resort” (website name), or Wat tung Kai duk – as the locals call it.

Kutis by the pond

Kutis by the pond

You are invited to come for a 3 days retreat (no less, but more is possible) free of charge, and spend your time meditating in a relaxing atmosphere in a nicely built Kuti (a monk’s hut – a small brick bungalow in this case) by the pond side.

Food (and even clothes, if needed) is provided by the wat. Of course you can donate to cover the expenses.

We spoke to a local monk, who told us there are no English speaking monks at the wat, but foreigners are still welcome. We saw quite a few ladies there, and the women of Trat tell us the place is well known for it’s meditation retreats.

Stuffed tiger @ main bot

Stuffed tiger @ main building

What a cool logo!

What a cool logo!

You can either charter a taxi from Trat or get there by car, driving about 12 KM on the road from Trat to Had lek, and turning left at the army checkpoint of ampoe thakum. The Wat is about 15 KM further down that road.

Check out Dhamma resort website for more details and pictures.

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  1. rory mckeever says:

    The Dhamma resort website is not on line. I wish to contact the resort but do not have any telephone number.

    Can you help me with this, i.e. do you have a telephone nr. for the temple/resort?


    Trat Map Reply:

    Sorry Rory – we don’t have their number but we’ll try to find out and let you know.


  2. edit says:


    I can’t either find the site. I’m at Koh Chang heading my way to Had Lek.
    It would be nice to know is there a chance to have a few day meditation retreat in the next few days. Plz contact me, if it’s possible.

    Thanks, edit


    Trat Map Reply:

    Edit, we doubt anyone from the monastery will contact you. The best thing to do is to go just there and talk to the monks. You can rent a songtheow from Trat (or the Koh Chang ferry) and ask the driver to take you there.


  3. Marja says:

    Today we visited this wat to bring a friend for a five days stay. The route described on this website is not correct.

    On the highway from Trat direction Cambodian border after 12 km from Trat turn to the left to road 3271. After about 3 km turn to the left again (big green sign with Thai text and also http://www.dhammaresort.com in Roman characters). Then after about 2 km it’s on your left hand.

    We were warmly welcomed by sister Chan and overwhelmed by the peacefulness and cleanliness of the grounds. Sister Chan didn’t speak English. We got a leaflet with information of the wat. Everybody welcome, we thought also men (however we didn’t see any).

    Phone number on the leaflet is 080 638 6955, e-mail dhammaresort@gmail.com, FaceBook Dhammaresort, website http://www.dhammaresort.com indeed not working. But add an s (dhammaresorts) and you get a website in Thai. On this website I found another phone number: 085 210 7371


    Trat Map Reply:

    Marja, Thank you so much for this info. Quite a few people were asking about the place, and now they can actually contact it. Well done!


  4. Hellen says:

    Does anyone know if it is possible to sleep 2 nights, so spending 3 days at THE dhamma resort? Or do i really need to sleep over for 3 nights? Thank you so much!


  5. Eline says:

    Hello everyone,

    Long time ago, has anyone maybe more information?
    I’m really interested!
    Thank you!


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