Day market

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The small square in front of the day market is the most central point in town. The main hall can be divided into entrance, middle and rear.

At the entrance they sell flowers, ornaments for spirit houses, cosmetics and fashion accessories. The middle area hosts quite a few restaurants and food stalls, coffee and fruit juice stands, vegetables and dry goods sellers. At the rear they sell fresh meat, fish and sea food and some more vegies.

Between the entrance and the middle there are stairs to a second floor, dedicated to clothes. Prices are more than fair. You can haggle if you buy a few items from the same shop, but in general, prices aren’t being pumped up for tourists.


The main hall is between two corridors. The one to the left (when you enter) has shops on both sides, and some stalls in the middle. This is the place to buy household goods, bags and shoes, hammocks, cooking pots, hello kitty items and a lot more. The stalls in the middle sell mostly fruit, betel nuts for local chewers, and freshly made snacks.

On the right side of the market there’s a corridor, where noodles, curries, nam prik breakfasts and deserts are being sold. On that corridor you can also find ladies with sewing machines who can mend your torn clothes.

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