Center Point pier

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Ferry to Ko Chang. The ferry  service starts at 6:00 and goes till 18:30 or 19:00. Cars and motorcycles park on the lower deck, and passengers sit upstairs, where there’s a small cantine and a better view. On average, there’s 1 ferry an hour. You can get to the pier from a specific taxi station in town (50 Baht).

Note: they used to collect the tickets when you got on the ferry, but now the system has changed. There’s a booth at the beginning of the road to the pier, and they collect the tickets there. On the other direction, from Ko Chang to Trat, you have to keep your ticket until you leave the pier, the taxi then stops at the booth and you have to give your ticket there.

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  1. Jenna says:

    Hi I will be arriving in BBK 3rd January 2016 06:45, I want to travel to Koh Chang to meet brother can I do this via ferry from the airport, is there a transfer bus from Airport to the dock? or do I have to make my own way


    Trat Map Reply:

    Jenna – there are minivans going from Trat’s airport to the ferry. They usually get on the ferry and take passengers to their destination in Koh Chang.


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