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Dhamma retreat in heavenly settings

On the road from Trat to Had lek (the Cambodian border crossing) lies the beautiful Wat Suwan pak dee (formal name), or “The Dhamma resort” (website name), or Wat tung Kai duk – as the locals call it.

Hidden park

  The entrance to this hidden garden is almost invisible (might as well have been a house or a field). There’s no sign, but if you look inside, you’ll see the wagon in the photo, and that’s your only clue. Open until 18:00.

Noodle stand

Almost everything in the night market is good, but these noodles are something else.

Cold coffee stall

Isaan fried chicken

A very crispy fried chicken with whole garlic cloves, served with sticky rice and som-tam

Government hospital

Cheap (subsidized) and professional