Afternoon market

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This L-shaped market spans two streets: an open-air street that offers mainly prepared take-away food, and a roof-covered street section where mainly raw cooking ingredients are being sold.

The main street hosts most of the town’s afternoon activities (i.e. shopping). Most vendors arrive at about 15:30-:16:00 and stay till 19:30. This market is quite famous around Thailand for it’s huge variety of prepared food: dozens of curries, salads, pastry and deserts, special delicacies and classic Thai dishes. It also has an abundance of fruit, vegies and dry goods.

You can buy your dinner at the market and ask the staff at your hotel/guest house for plates and cutlery. Make sure you don’t forget to buy rice, to help you cope with all that spicy stuff. Be advised not to keep any cooked food for the next day. It won’t be as good.

Some shops at the market sell clothes, watches, fashion accessories, bags, umbrellas, rain coats, towels and other non-food related stuff, at very fair prices.

The night market borders the open-air street from the south, so you can buy some snacks here, then order dinner at a night market restaurant, and enjoy more variety. Owners of night market businesses don’t mind if you also bring food from outside as long as you also buy something there.

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